Colder Arctic air hits Ireland today and remains over Ireland over the Bank Holiday weekend


Over the coming days colder arctic air will sit over Ireland bringing cooler conditions with temperatures only in single figures by day and below 0C to -2C in some areas at night leading to a slight to sharp ground frost and the risk of Icy patches over the weekend and early next week.

Both the ECMWF and GFS are in good agreement on this and continue to bring colder than average conditions for next week.

Some parts of Europe this week and weekend are seen warmer than average temperatures for the time of year with temperatures around 18C above normal but a pattern flip will hit parts of Europe next week with a very cold outbreak of Arctic air bringing the the first cold snap of the season for many parts of mainland Europe. Temperatures next week over parts of mainland Europe will be up to 10C colder than average.

Snow cover across parts of eastern and central Europe will also expand in this cold arctic outbreak next week.

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Here in Ireland it will also turn cold from Thursday evening onward as colder arctic air filters down across the country. Thursday night will see the risk of frost in some areas particularly over inland parts of Ireland. Some fog and mist will also be possible.

On Friday a area of low pressure will move just of the south and south east of Ireland bringing very heavy rain across southern and southeastern parts of Ireland but the good news for if you live in north Connacht or Ulster it looks as this rain will miss some parts of both provinces with a mainly dry, cool but cloudy day.

Around 30mm of rain can be expected along southern and southeastern coastal counties of Ireland with the risk of localised flooding. Across the higher slopes and mountains some snow will be possible but this will tend to be a mixture of wet snow and sleet with some sleet possible on lower levels during more heavier bursts in the precipitation on Friday.

Friday night will turn very cold with the risk of frost and icy patches and some mist and fog also. Temperatures will drop to around 0C to 3C.


Over the weekend for both Saturday and Sunday there will be rather nice bright and Sunny spells with temperatures only as high 6C to 10C. Some showers will be possible near northwestern and northern coastal areas but elsewhere will remain dry.

Saturday and Sunday night will be chilly with frost on both nights with lows of around 0C to -1C on Saturday and then lows of -2C to -3C in places on Sunday night.

The weather forecast for the Dublin Marathon is for bright and sunny spells with temperatures between 8C to 10C so if you are going to spectate the event it would be wise to wrap up.

GFS MODEL OUTLOOK - Colder air sticks with us until the end of next week

GFS MODEL OUTLOOK - Colder air sticks with us until the end of next week

ECMWF MODEL OUTLOOK - Colder air sticks with us until the end of next week

ECMWF MODEL OUTLOOK - Colder air sticks with us until the end of next week

The GFS model has the colder air sticking with us here in Ireland until later next week with a lot of dry weather but the ECMWF model brings another area of low pressure up from the south Tuesday and Wednesday next week so the outlook from Tuesday on is yet very uncertain.

With the area of low pressure moving up from the south it brings milder air but then at the end of next week the ECMWF brings cooler conditions back.

Bank holiday Monday at this stage looks like a rather nice autumn day with good bright and sunny spell with only the odd light shower near northwestern coastal counties. Over night again looks rather cold with the risk of frost and icy patches with temperatures as low as -1C to -2C. Some mist and fog also possible.

I will have another update on the outlook for next week over the bank holiday weekend and updates can also be found on the National and daily forecasts on the website which i have attached the link below.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel.

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