Current weather warnings in place across Europe

Meteoalarm map of Europe
Meteoalarm map of Ireland


What information will be presented? 
The awareness system will consist of geographical maps and a standard set of awareness situations, selected on the basis of a nearly common use between most participating countries, all status colours (level of awareness) within participating countries and their country regions. It uses colour coding to depict the severity of the anticipated events, in which the following colours represent:

Missing, insufficient, outdated or suspicious data.

No particular awareness of the weather is required.

The weather is potentially dangerous. The weather phenomena that have been forecast are not unusual, but be attentive if you intend to practice activities exposed to meteorological risks. Keep informed about the expected meteorological conditions and do not take of any avoidable risk.

The weather is dangerous. Unusual meteorological phenomena have been forecast. Damage and casualties are likely to happen. Be very vigilant and keep regularly informed about the detailed expected meteorological conditions. Be aware of the risks that might be unavoidable. Follow any advice given by your authorities.

The weather is very dangerous. Exceptionally intense meteorological phenomena have been forecast. Major damage and accidents are likely, in many cases with threat to life and limb, over a wide area. Keep frequently informed about detailed expected meteorological conditions and risks. Follow orders and any advice given by your authorities under all circumstances, be prepared for extraordinary measures.

  • Pictograms will be added to the geographical maps indicating which weather phenomenon(a) is (are) at stake

  • On the country regional level, additional information on intensity and timing is presented

  • In addition to this graphical presentation a photo image, related to each situation and critical awareness level will be presented in the background of the graph. These photo images intend to qualify the potential danger related to the specific awareness situation and to make the general public more conscious or aware of it

  • If awareness information from a participating country within the system database is outdated, suspicious or missing this country and its regions will be coloured white.

  • Countries not participating within the Meteoalarm system will be coloured grey on the European map