Western Europe heatwave returns with temperatures in England rising to low 30s and into the low 40s across France, Portugal and Spain

Latest temperatures been indicated by the GFS later next week

Latest temperatures been indicated by the GFS later next week

Over next week a intense heatwave is expected to effect Iberia, France, England and Benelux. Temperatures across parts of Spain, France and Portugal will rise into the low high 30s to low 40s. Across England and Benelux temperatures will rise into the low 30s and mid to high 30s across Benelux.

The cause of the heat wave is due to a very strong Spanish plume with strong warm airmass advection across Iberia into France, Benelux and UK.


Just like the heatwave a few weeks ago across western parts of Europe this will again be much the same with intense heat leading to weather forecasting outlets across the UK, France, Iberia and Benelux issuing heat warnings warning people to stay indoors over the afternoons.

Temperatures over the regions will be around 10C to 15C above average for the end of July which is way over.

The intense heatwave will start on Monday and last the whole week into Friday and Saturday. Anyone taken a holiday or a visit to these country’s should be aware of the heat and the dangers of such heat.

For the south of England temperatures will rise into to low 30s mainly over the south of England with many other parts in the mid to high 20s.


Next week could also see some big wild fires across western Europe with such heat, The latest GFS run is hinting at temperatures possibly in the mid to high 20s across parts of Ireland later next week into next week but at the moment this is not set in stone and we would need other models to come on bored with the idea.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel


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