turning very warm & humid next week with temperatures back in the mid 20s

Latest temperatures been indicated by the GFS later next week

Latest temperatures been indicated by the GFS later next week

Next week the weather across Ireland will turn very warm and humid again with temperatures in to low 20s to high 20s.

Starting with Friday afternoon and evening heavy thundery showers will effect Ireland today with the risk of localized spot flooding, risk of hail, There also will be the risk of funnel clouds and possible tornadoes. Across Munster. Leinster and south Connacht will see the risk this afternoon and evening then heading towards the evening and tonight there will also be a risk across Ulster and Connacht.

Saturday will be a better day with good bright and sunny spells around Ireland but some showers will effect parts of the west and southwest. Temperatures over the day will range between 16C to 21C.

Sunday will be a cloudy day and it will start of dry for many areas, over the afternoon and evening a spell of heavy rainfall will move into west and north with the risk of spot flooding. Becoming drier overnight again but heavy rain will continue across Ulster with the ongoing risk of spot flooding. Temperature will range between 18C to 22C and it will again be warm and humid both day and night.


On Monday it will turn very warm and humid with temperatures rising into the mid 20s and possibly as high as 26C. Monday looks set to see dry weather for many areas with nice bright and sunny spells across Ireland some showers over the afternoon and evening will be possible along western and northwestern areas. Warmest across the east, north and inland areas of the west.

Tuesday will see some bright and sunny spells these best across eastern parts of Ireland. Across the west, southwest and northwest there will be the risk of heavy showers. Temperatures again will rise to 26C on Tuesday warmest across the eastern half of Ireland.

On Wednesday there are signals for rain across the west and southwest on Wednesday morning spreading eastwards over the afternoon and evening with the risk of some heavy falls across the northwest.


The latest Gfs model run is hinting at very warm weather from Thursday to Sunday next week showing temperatures by the end of the week up into the high 20s. This is no way set in stone yet and not all models are on bored with set up, If we see the ECMWF model this evening showing a similar set up this afternoon it would be interesting. At the moment it could go either way and the GFS may back of with the idea of a very warm end to the week next week.

I will update on this again over the week or early next week on any changes.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel


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