Small Tornado reported in county Waterford this morning


A small Tornado was reported in the village of Stradbally, Co.Waterford this morning

It was reported by number of people in the area this morning with conditions described as Crazy at the time.

The Tornado was said to have hit the area at around 5:30am Monday morning just before dawn.

A Tornado in Ireland is a rare event and to see one make it all the way to the ground but funnel clouds are common with many reported over the year.

There was reports of some structural damage in the area but nothing major.

There is the chance that there was no Tornado and it was caused by strong outflow winds from the cell.



One resident in the Stradbally area described the scene in the village as "crazy."

"We all woke here with extremely heavy rain and thunder at 5:20am and shortly after that, serious wind started up," she added.

Another said: At approx 5.20am last night, the rain was otherworldly heavy followed by lightning. After brief calmer rain, the wind started to pick up so much it woke all the children in our house.

"It sounded like a helicopter or a jet engine over the house. Looking out the window we could see the pressure put on the trees from the wind," they added.

Another resident who lives above the village told us: "The noise of it was so strong it woke me and I saw the flash of lightning and then more torrential rain."

One local said: "I've been going on all morning in work about the thunder and lightning this morning at 5:30am that woke me up - never heard anything like it," while another said, "you should have been in Vincent's at 5.30am; between a full moon and the rain belting off the roof, it was like Armageddon."

Attesting to some damage being caused, another Stradbally resident said: "Some houses in our estate lost roof tiles and there is other minor damage around the place."

Latest Radar images and data this morning show that there was a large cell in the area giving heavy rain and possible hail to that could of caused a tornado but the more likely outcome was outflow winds from the cell . Images attached below.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel.

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