Rugby world cup - Ireland vs Scotland game at risk of been called of due to heavy rain


Rugby World Cup organisers are keeping a close eye on the weather in Japan as heavy rain and thunderstorms potentially threaten some matches, including Ireland’s opener against Scotland on Sunday.


Yokohama, the venue for the meeting of the two Pool A sides, has been hit by heavy rain this week and a deluge is predicted for the day of the match. If the game has to be called off, it would not be rescheduled and put down as a 0-0 draw.

At Present the main area of rain looks at will stay to the north of Yokohama but 4 days to go a slight adjustment to this weather system could see the heavier rain move southwards closer to Yokohama.

One of the concerns is Thunderstorms and looking at the current model runs for Japan it show the risk of thunderstorms in Yokohama on Sunday morning which could lead to flash flooding and landslides which are common this time of year


“A decision will be made in the main operation centre,” said Alan Gilpin, the tournament director. “A number of people will analyse information and we are in constant discussions with transport authorities and host cities. We will start the process 24 hours before a game and any decision would ultimately be taken by the executive director [Akira Shimazu] and me six to eight hours ahead of kick-off.”

Ireland had to cancel a media event at their training ground on Monday because of the weather. “Two days ago I got scalded and now it is a bit like Galway with the rain,” said the outhalf Jack Carty. “It is windy and wet so I suppose it is as well we have had those conditions throughout the year.”

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel.

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