A warm and dry weekend on the way with temperatures in the low to mid 20s with sunshine


The start of this week will start of unsettled with a lot of rain and drizzle around especially western, northwestern and northern areas between Monday and Wednesday. Over all over the first 3 days of this week there wont be many dry periods across Connacht or Ulster. Rain across the west, northwest and north will ease on Monday evening and night as it clears to the east but some further spells of mist and drizzle will follow.

Tuesday will start of cloud with some mist and drizzle but some bright and sunny spells will develop over the afternoon and evening. The best of any sunshine will be across Munster and south Leinster.


On Wednesday there will be further rain but some sunshine to in places but this will be hazy sunshine, the day will also be humid with temperatures in the low 20s. Later in the evening rain will become heavier across parts of the west, northwest and north leading to a very wet night. Elsewhere there will be scattered showers.

Thursday will see some sunshine with some good dry spells too, Over the afternoon and evening there will be the risk of heavy showers and thunderstorms across the northeast and east of Ireland but detail on this yet can not be nailed down.


Friday will turn much drier with some good sunny spells in places especially across western parts of Ireland Temperatures will range between 16C to 21C.

This weekend looks then like it will turn warm and humid with top temperatures on Saturday and Sunday possibly reaching as high as 24C to 25C. On both Saturday and Sunday there will be good Sunny spells across Ireland with the warmest temperatures across the southwest, west and northwest. Due to the warmer temperatures some areas may see one or two showers for a time in the evening but most areas looks set to stay dry.

UV levels this weekend will be high to very high in any Sunshine with grass pollen levels also high to very high.


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