Sligo County Council will continue to monitor weather conditions and roads and Fire Service personnel will be deployed to respond to any emergency situations around the county.

A combination of strong winds and high tides may result in fallen trees and flooding in low lying areas, with winds expected to be at their strongest late Thursday night and early Friday morning.

  • Motorists and other road users are asked to avoid coastal and exposed roads and to take an alternative route where possible.

  • Motorists are asked not to make an unnecessary journeys while wind speeds are at their highest, predicted to reach 130kph

  • With trees weakened by recent storms, there is a danger of fallen trees on roads all over the county, and motorists and other road users asked to take extreme care

  • Roads that are liable to flooding, such as the Mardyke, Scotsman’s Walk, Gibraltar, Back Avenue in Sligo and Coast Road Easkey, will be monitored by roads staff and may be closed to traffic at short notice.

  • With the worst of the conditions over-night, and high tide for Sligo at 8.36am Friday, rush-hour traffic may face delays and motorists are asked to postpone their journey Friday morning where possible.

Sligo County Council would like to thank motorists and other road users for their cooperation in taking all necessary precautions until storm conditions abate.

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There is also a risk of coastal flooding in affected counties. Drivers are advised to never attempt to drive through flooded roads and to heed any warnings or detours the Local Authority or Gardai may have in place.

The RSA is asking road users to check local weather and traffic conditions and be aware of the conditions before setting out on a trip.

The RSA has the following advice for road users:

  • Beware of objects being blown out onto the road. Expect the unexpected.

  • Watch out for falling/fallen debris on the road and vehicles veering across the road

  • Control of a vehicle may be affected by strong cross winds. High sided vehicles and motorcyclists are particularly vulnerable to strong winds

  • Allow extra space between you and vulnerable road users such as cyclists and motorcyclists

  • Drive with dipped headlights at all times

Advice to Pedestrians, Cyclists and motorcyclists;

  • Be seen. Wear bright clothing with reflective armbands or a reflective belt.

  • Take extra care when crossing the road or cycling in extremely windy conditions as a sudden gust of wind could blow you into the path of an oncoming vehicle.

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