After a very dry and mild end to February March and the first week of spring has started on a colder and much unsettled note and as the saying goes March come in like Lion and out like a lamb.

On Sunday a spell of rain associated with storm Freya passed over Ireland first falling as rain and then turning to snow over the morning and afternoon as it was under cut by much colder air which give some adverse conditions in parts of the south and east. Thankfully Ireland did miss the worst of the winds with England and Wales seen the worst of the wind gust with snow also for northern parts of England.

Later Tuesday afternoon and evening another spell of rain will move northwards and continue to push northwards overnight with the risk of spot flooding in places with the highest totals across the southeast and east of Ireland, least amounts over west Connacht and the northwest.

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Over next weekend there are signals for some disruptive weather with the risk of two possible areas of low pressure ( Storms) effecting Ireland bringing the risk of heavy rainfall, strong winds and possibly some heavy snow to parts also. It will be around midweek when thing become more clearer better detail can be giving but first we will look at the current model runs below.

First of all on Friday night and Saturday morning I will be keeping a eye on a are of low pressure which currently is shown of the northwest coast. This storm at present shows the strongest of the winds staying out to sea but still with the potential for strong gusts along Atlantic coast county overnight Friday into Saturday morning.

There may also be the risk of some wintry showers on Saturday morning and over the day but these mostly over the higher ground areas. especially over Ulster.

Sunday into Monday there is then the potential for a strong wind storm to cross over Ireland with a further swat of strong winds. Along with strong winds there is a risk of heavy rainfall turning wintry with falls of sleet and snow possible as the depression passes on its back edge as much colder air moves in behind. At this point i cant go into much detail as it is still 5 to 6 days away.


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The outlook then heading into the start of next week is for further wintry falls to start the week on Monday and possibly Tuesday with conditions staying colder over the rest of the week with further rain and possible wintry falls especially over the hills and mountains.

And the big question is what will saint Patrick’s weekend be like well it is to far out yet to forecast but the GFS model is playing with the idea of a cold northerly airflow and wintry showers for Saturday and Sunday of that weekend but for now let keep eyes on this weekend and see how it plays out.

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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