Ireland is on the verge of seen some of the warmest weather of 2019 finally after a very cool end to may and June so far. A Spanish plume will hit Ireland and the UK next week along with many other western European country’s France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.

Warm air coming from the continent will spread out to the west of Europe bring very warm, hot and extreme temperatures to some country from Sunday all the way into next weekend.

Across France, Spain, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and Germany.temperatures could well rise as high as 40C or just over in some parts with temperatures in parts of England possibly reaching between 28C to 35C in some parts. Anyone travelling to these country’s over the next 7 days should prepare themselves for extreme heat.

Meanwhile back here in Ireland temperatures will range between 20C to 27C next week on some days and when you factor in the high humidity its not going to fell very nice at all but very sticky. Night time temperatures will see highs of 17C in places also so sleeping will not be easy.


UV levels will be very high next week so protect yourselves against the sun and prevent bad sun burn.

Over the week there will be nice Sunny spells across Ireland but there will be also the risk of Thunderstorms some which may cause problems.

With warm air expected next week it will also be very humid as models stand with the risk possible severe Thunderstorms in places with the risk of spot and flash flooding which could caused damage to homes and property , it is to early to nail details down yet but it could be a very busy week weather wise.


Chart attached above show Cape index on some days next week which is basically the amount of energy in the air.

In meteorology, Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE), is the amount of energy a given mass of air (called an air parcel) would have if lifted a certain distance vertically through the atmosphere. CAPE is effectively the positive buoyancy of an air parcel and is an indicator of atmospheric instability, which makes it very valuable in predicting severe weather.

This can create vertically developed clouds due to the rising motion, which could lead to thunderstorms.


Weather warnings may be issued for as early as Sunday this weekend for Heavy thundery rain which will effect the country over the day but holding of dry across parts of the east and north till later in the evening when it also looks as it will see heavy rainfall and some thunderstorm activity. On Sunday night there will be further heavy thundery showers with the risk of some high rainfall amount leading to spot flooding and some lightning.

Further warnings could be issued over the week next for high temperatures and heavy thundery showers but forecasting Thunderstorms this far out it yet to early as they can be hard to do so at just range due to the compilations and changes that can happen in weather models between now and next week. For now week will keep a eye on the risk of Sunday afternoon, evening and night and warning may be issued as early as Saturday afternoon or evening when there is more clarity on the situation.

I will have further updates over the weekend on next week so stay tuned.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel


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