One of the busiest weekends of the year is coming up this weekend the Saint Patrick’s weekend with many taken to the roads and travelling to different parts of the country to celebrate the weekend and many coming to visit Ireland also.

As for the forecast its is also a busy weekend trying to nail down the aspects and types of weather we are going to see across Ireland a really over all we could see a bit of everything over the weekend between Friday and Sunday with rain, hail, sleet , snow and even the risk of some isolated thunderstorms again to but it plainly.

Below we will have a look at Friday, Saturday and Sunday in better detail

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On Friday heading into the weekend we start of with very poor weather. Friday will start of dry for most areas to start with some bright or sunny spells but these no very long lasting. On Friday morning there will also be the risk of the odd isolated shower over northern areas and some light rain and drizzle across the south east of Ireland.

After midday cloud will increase over the county with another band of rain pushing in from the southeast of Ireland. Over the afternoon the rain will gradually start to be come heavier over Munster and south Connacht and Leinster with some dry spell across Ulster and north Leinster. Overnight Friday into Saturday morning rain will spread to all areas and it will turn heavy across Munster, Leinster and Connacht with a rainfall warning possible over that period for the risk of spot flooding and some falls of hail also. Temperatures over the day will range between 9C to around 12C but overnight it will become colder again with a sharp drop in temperatures and only ranging between 1C to 4C close to Freezing in some areas and even maybe dropping to around 0C for some upland areas where there will be the risk of sleet and snow.

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After midnight Friday into early Saturday morning as that rain moves west to east across Ireland there is a risk it will turn to hail sleet and snow this mostly over the mountains but possibly over some upland area also but for lower levels it will fall mostly as rain and hail. The rain will then clear western areas later Saturday morning and eastern areas in the early afternoon stages of the day with showers following from the Atlantic over the afternoon and evening with the risk of some isolated thunder closer to the evening and overnight Saturday along Atlantic coastal areas. It will be very cold across the Connacht and Ulster on Saturday with temperatures only ranging between 2C to 5C with temperatures across Munster and Leinster between 5C to 8C.

On Saturday night there will be the risk of icy patches on roads and also a frost for some parts as temperatures drop to around -2C with highs of 3C overnight into early Sunday morning and it will be the coldest across the northwest, north and midlands overnight. A few wintry showers will also be possible over night these mostly over coastal county’s of Connacht and Ulster.


Saint Patrick’s day the news is better on the weather side of things as it could be the start of a more settled period of weather. Over the day there will be some good bright and sunny spells everywhere but there could be some scattered mainly over Ulster where some could be wintry but over all a much better day but still feeling rather cold with temperatures between 7C to 9C.

Next Monday and Tuesday will see some showers on both day but some good dry periods also. from around midweek there are signs of higher pressure building across Ireland which could see a spell of much drier and settle conditions for a number of days and may last into the end of this month.

As the weather saying goes for March IN LIKE A LION OUT LIKE A LAMB

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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