The first week of April looks set to start of unsettled and cold with temperatures for the time of year below normal. Temperatures on Average over the week will be around 3C below normal. A big factor this week will be the windchill make temperatures feel like there below 0C at times.

Monday will start with a mixture of cloud but some sunny spells also, Over the afternoon and evening a band of heavier rain will move in from the west and northwest of Ireland spreading over the country but this will clear to the east with drier and clear weather overnight apart from a few showers across the west, northwest and southwest where some of these showers could fall as hail and sleet with some falling as snow over the higher mountains. Overnight will see the risk of frost and ice as temperatures drop to around -1C to 3C.

On Tuesday you will find a big difference in temperatures as colder polar maritime air moves down from the northwest of Ireland Which will see the risk of further wintry showers of sleet and hail over the morning throughout the day with snow also over higher ground areas and the mountains. Any snow accumulations will be limited to higher portions but some hail accumulations could occur but would be temporary

On Tuesday along with wintry showers there will also be the increasing chance of isolated thunderstorms occurring especially anywhere showers turn rather heavy. Overnight the risk of wintry showers will continue especially across the northwest and north where winds will then turn northerly with cold northerly wind. Tuesday night will again see the risk of frost and ice as temperatures drop to near 0C.

Wednesday will be a cold day with that cold brisk northerly wind with the ongoing risk of hail and rain showers but less of a risk of thunder. Between the showers there will be some sunshine. Later in the afternoon and evening showers will ease across the western half of Ireland and it will be come dry there.

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The latest outlook for Thursday is for a band of rain to move in across the country and could fall as sleet for a time in place but at the moment there is a lot of uncertainty how far it moves across Ireland as it looks as it could stall as it makes its way overland with northeastern areas staying drier over the day. The day again will be a cold one and wet.

Friday and Saturday will see some good sunny spells over the day but there will also be some showers around to. Sunday into the start of next week looks set to be mainly dry with some nice sunshine at times.

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