The actual strongest winds from storm Gareth will come from the core of the Storm which is the area around the centre of the storm where the isobars are tighter together and this will pass just of the north of Ulster on Tuesday afternoon/evening/night into Wednesday morning when the strongest gusts will be and the orange warning is valid for. Keep a eye out over the next few hours also we may well have some embedded thunderstorms within the storm with the risk of hail.

The centre of the storm will track of the north coast of Ireland on Tuesday evening and night moving eastwards over Scotland.

The worst will come between 12 midday Tuesday and 9am Wednesday morning peaking over the Tuesday evening and night when wind will be at the strongest,

A wave of 37.7 ft was recorded to the northwest of Ireland already this morning at 9am.

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Coastal flooding and damage may occur in some western, northwestern and northern coastal areas. There will be high seas and a massive swell from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday with up to 15 foot to 40ft waves expected of Donegal, Mayo,Galway, Sligo, Leitrim, Limerick, Clare Kerry, Antrim and Derry. Biggest waves in the northwestern counties.

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The public should avoid exposed beaches, cliffs and piers, harbour walls and promenades along the coast during storm conditions on Tuesday afternoon up until Wednesday morning and not put your life at risk as well as others at risk.

Severe wind gusts of between 110km/hr to 130km/hr can be expected in northwestern and northern countieswith gusts possibly exceeding these values for a time Tuesday evening/night and early Wednesday on coastal fringes of the northwest and north.

The strongest gusts in this storm could well be between 130km/hr to 145km/hr with the strongest gusts most likely to be recorded in around coastal areas of Donegal, Sligo Mayo and Letrim. My bet is on Malin Head to see the strongest gusts.

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Widespread power outages could occur in Connacth and Ulster on Tuesday afternoon, evening and night into Wednesday morning as the area of low pressure passes just of to the north of Ulster into western Scotland

Away from Atlantic coastal regions winds will gust up to 90km/hr to 110km/hr with the risk of scattered power outages.

Anyone planing to travel by air or sea on Tuesday evening and Wednesday morning there is likely to be some disruption and it would be important to check in before travelling .

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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