Beach & BBQ Weather - Temperatures set to rise to 27C by Sunday with Sunshine nationwide

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After a rather unsettled week the weather will start to improve from Friday on as high pressure starts to build across Ireland Friday and sitting over the country over the weekend and early Monday.

Both Friday and Saturday will be much fresher days across Ireland due to the direction of the wind. On Friday winds will be west to northwest in direction with fresher weather and feeling a lot less humid and warm.

Note that sea temperatures are also heading towards there warmest for the time of year with Sea temperatures over the south & southwest of Ireland around 15C to 16C, between 14C to 15C across the northwest and west, between 13 and 15C across the east of Ireland and around 11C to 13C across the northern half of Ireland. Highest sea temperatures should occur around August.


Temperatures on Friday will range between 17C to 22C, Warmest conditions will be across the southeast and east of Ireland due to that west to northwest sea breeze which will keep temperatures in the high teen across western and north parts of Ireland coolest along coastal regions. Most areas on Friday will see sunny spells but some cloud too with the risk of some showers across the west and northwest.


On Saturday temperatures will again range between 17C to 21C with a northerly breeze keeping temperatures only in the high teens across Ulster and north Connacht but getting into the low 20s elsewhere. Some parts of the north will start of cloudy on Saturday morning but by the late afternoon and evening there should be sunshine nationwide.

This Sunday will be the best day of the week as winds turn to a easterly direction with easterly breezes, it will allow temperatures across the southwest, west, northwest and midlands sore into the mid 20s possibly reaching as high as 27C across some parts of the southwest on Sunday afternoon and evening but generally across the west and northwest temperatures will range between 23C to 25C over the day. Across the northeast, east and south temperatures will be cooler due to the onshore easterly breeze in these areas with temperatures in the high teens to low 20s. The day will see nice summer sunshine nationwide with UV levels high every where and possibly very high across west Ulster, Connacht and west Munster.

Pollen levels will be high to very high across the county on Sunday.


At present Monday looks like another warm day with temperature again between 20C to 25C there will be sunshine for most areas to start on Monday morning but around the end of the morning and midday cloud will start to build with showers breaking out across the southern half of Ireland . Over the afternoon there will be sunny spells over Ulster and Leinster but rain showers will move northwards over the afternoon and evening with the risk of some showers turning into longer periods of rain and possibly turning heavy across Ulster and Leinster over Monday night into Tuesday morning and perhaps even the risk of some showers turning thundery.

At present Tuesday looks a little cooler with temperatures only as high as 17C to 21C. There could be the risk of heavy falls of rain and thunderstorms leading to spot and localised flooding over the day.

At present the rest of next week looks like there will be further showers over the week with temperatures staying in the high teens to low 20s over the week which is normal for July.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel


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