High Pressure over Ireland next weekend with very mild air.

High Pressure over Ireland next weekend with very mild air.

Monday will be a little cooler as that milder spell we had last week has now filtered away.

On Monday there will be some the risk of some heavy showers some which will fall as hail and may produce the odd rumble of thunder these most frequent across the west and northwest of Ireland on Monday with drier weather further east. There will be sunny spells to over the day between the showers and more in the way of sunshine across eastern parts on Monday rather than showers.

On Tuesday we then see a change in the weather with cloud increasing from the west over the morning with outbreaks of rain as milder tropical maritime air starts to push back up over Ireland over the day.

Map shown the different air mass

Map shown the different air mass

Wednesday will see further showers and patches of drizzle in places across Ireland with the driest conditions been across eastern areas.

Temperatures on Tuesday and Wednesday will range around 8C to 14C

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Thursday will be a better day with most areas staying dry but rather cloudy over the day with temperatures still around 10C to 14C. On Friday there will be again some patchy rain and drizzle again this mostly across western parts with drier weather further east.

Next weekend we then see the risk of very mild February temperatures over Ireland with all areas seen temperatures well over average for the time of year around 7C to 9C above average.

This is due to a area of high pressure which looks set to shift westwards from central Europe bring warm air over the country.


Saturday and Sunday at present look like there going to be very mild days with lots of sunshine across the country with temperatures possibly getting as high as 15C to 17C in places. This also looks like it will continue into the following week.

The warmest temperature ever recorded in February in Ireland was at the Phoenix Park Dublin on the 23rd of the month in the year of 1891.

I will keep you updated on the latest over the week.

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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