It will become very cold overnight with temperatures dropping to -2C to +2C with showers turning wintry overnight with falls of snow over higher ground and the hills.

On Tuesday morning and Tuesday day showers will turn significant  to snowfall across southwest west and northern half of Ireland with accumulations over higher ground areas and hills where there could be up to 10cm of snowfall by Tuesday night. across some Lower levels areas there will be between 2cm to 5cm in places with very dangerous driving conditions across parts of Connacht, Ulster and west Munster. Accumulations will also be possible across some parts of the midlands with 3cm in some low lying areas.

Euro 4 model shown areas with snow accumulations by Wednesday

Euro 4 model shown areas with snow accumulations by Wednesday

Further east there will be also a few wintry flurry’s but accumulations not looking likely.

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Tuesday night into Wednesday morning will see very dangerous conditions on roads all over Ireland with snow and icy conditions along with a sharp and severe frost. Temperatures overnight will dip to around 1C to -3C and possibly lower over snow covered areas to around -4C to -5C.

There will be further heavy wintry showers of hail sleet and snow on Tuesday night and Wednesday morning with further snow accumulations across mainly parts of Connacht and Ulster but possibly across some parts of west Munster too.

Wednesday morning will start of with the ongoing risk of wintry showers but these will fade out over the afternoon when it will become drier and staying cold.

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It be very cold on Wednesday night but dry with sharp and severe frost along with icy stretches on roads. Temperatures will drop as low-3C to -5C.

On Thursday morning cloud will increase from the southwest with a are of precipitation moving northeastwards across Ireland. There is a lot of uncertainty on this yet regarding its track as some models has it missing north Connacht and Ulster all together and other taken the system much further northwards into these areas. as the precipitation moves northeastwards it will turn significantly to snow with some significant  accumulations possible. This could give good accumulations to parts of Leinster, Munster and parts of Connacht and to north Connacht and Ulster if it track close enough to the north.

There will be a Meeting before 10am on Tuesday morning regarding the current warning which is in a yellow snow and ice warning and this may be upgraded to a orange warning over the coming hours with further warnings likely for Thursday.

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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