High Pressure over Ireland next weekend with very mild air.

High Pressure over Ireland next weekend with very mild air.

This week the Atlantic is set to be very active with strong wind storms passing well of to the west of Ireland moving southwest and northwards in direction with so of these storms producing wind in excess of 130km/hr to 140km/hr lucky here in Ireland it will be not so windy over the week but breezy over the first of the week as warmer tropical maritime air pushes up from the southwest of Ireland bring warmer than average temperatures for February. Temperatures over the week ranging between 10C to around 14C.

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The main reason Ireland is dodging these storms is due to a strong ridge of high pressure over central Europe which will lead to unusually warm weather for this time of year over much of Europe.

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The image below shows very warm air across Central Europe today with a upper ridge ridging into Scandinavia to with warmer than average temperatures across southern parts of Scandinavia.

Temperatures across Europe today

Temperatures across Europe today

Over the end of this week we then see that upper ridge of higher pressure beginning to strengthen over western Europe and by the Saturday and Sunday the strong ridge of higher pressure will be over Ireland and the UK bringing up very warm air for the time of year from the south.

Saturday and Sunday will most likely be the warmest day with temperatures possibly getting as high as 15C to 17C in places.

Over the start of next week we see the strong ridge of higher pressure in places but there is signs it then weakens around mid week next week.

Over the weekend there will be a lot of dry weather around across Ireland and into the start if the following week.

The warmest temperature ever recorded in February in Ireland was at the Phoenix Park Dublin on the 23rd of the month in the year of 1891.

Many will be putting away there winter wear this weekend but this early sign of spring could catch many out thinking we are out of the woods and winter is over but I wouldn’t say that just yet as March and April can also produce cold weather Just look at around this time last year when we started to feel the effects of the Beast from the east.

I will keep you updated on the latest over the week.

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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