warmest February temperatures recorded today in Wales

warmest February temperatures recorded today in Wales

With some of the mildest February weather ever recorded across parts of Ireland and the UK this week and a lot of drier weather around things are about to change over the weekend with the Atlantic breaking through leading to wet a and windy weather.

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday looks set to be mostly dry with a mixture of some cloudy and sunny spells with temperatures above average for the time of year at around 10C to 15C and this is all down to high pressure over central Europe ridging out into western Europe leading to the fine weather we are seen at the moment.

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Across the UK temperatures reached as high as 20.3C Trawsgoed in west Wales beaten the previous record for the highest February temperature in the UK which was 19.7C.

Some maximum temperatures from around Ireland today:

  • 17.3C Mount Dillon Roscommon

  • 16.5C Claremorris Mayo

  • 16.3C Gurteen Tipperary

  • 16.0C Valentia Kerry

  • 15.8C Phoenix Park Dublin

That is a big difference from this time last year when we had the beast from the east giving very cold conditions across Ireland with heavy snowfall also in places.

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Over the weekend this will all change really from Friday on when a band of rain will move in from the west around midday and move across Ireland eastwards over the afternoon and evening before clearing later Friday night and early Saturday morning with brief clearer conditions following from behind.

There are then signals for a area of low pressure to move of the west and northwest coast of Ireland later Saturday morning and over the afternoon which could lead to strong winds across western and northwestern coastal county over Saturday afternoon with gust of around 80km/hr to 110km/hr looking possible and possibly gusts of around 120km/hr along exposed coastal areas of the west and northwest for a time over the afternoon on Saturday.. Another band of rain associated with this area of low pressure also looks set to sweep from west to east over the country on Saturday Morning and over the early afternoon also. Heavy showers look then to continue at times across the Atlantic coastal county where there will be the risk of some hail and thunder over the later afternoon and evening.

Sunday also will be a cooler day with temperatures back down in single figures with the risk of heavy showers over the day and some hail and thunder.

The outlook for next week is for further cooler weather with some windy periods at time and the risk of hail and isolated thunderstorms with some wintry showers also possible over the hills along the west and north of Ireland.

I will update again later in the week when the forecast for Saturday becomes more certain as weather warning look like the will be issued for some western and northwestern county’s for wind .

Kenneth Mc Donagh from the Donegal Weather Channel


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