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When National weather warnings are updated to the website these are official warnings from Met Éireann for the Republic of Ireland and the Met Office UK for Northern Ireland.

Donegal Weather Channel takes the issuing of warnings very serious and is working with Met Éireann on trying to stop false weather reports and bogus warnings been issued.

Met Éireann are the national forecaster of Ireland and its in there best interest to keep the public safe during times of adverse and potentially dangerous and life threatening weather.

Bogus warnings need to be actively addressed in the interest of protecting life and property in context of extreme weather events.

In the media you will see a story doing the rounds from time to time and can spread like wildfire.

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Donegal Weather Channel from time to time can issue local alerts which many followers who have followed the page for the last 7 years will know and issuing alerts is also in the interest to make the public more aware of any weather conditions which may effect your daily life.

Forecasting in Ireland is not a easy job as we have such a active weather pattern all year round and forecasts can change even at 24 hours to 48 hours out.

Donegal Weather Channel will continue to work with Met Éireann to prevent the spread of bogus warnings.

Kenneth From The Donegal Weather Channel


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