Max temperatures expected across Ireland this Bank Holiday Monday.

Max temperatures expected across Ireland this Bank Holiday Monday.

The weather over the Bank holiday weekend will remain warm across Ireland but not as warm as the past two days. Temperatures will be in the high teens to low 20s across parts of Ireland with the warmest temperatures across the west and northwest. Temperatures on Monday again could rise to around 24C to 25C.

On Friday across Ulster and Leinster a band of thunderstorms is expected to move in of the Irish sea moving northwest over the day leading the a risk of heavy intense downpours with spot or flash flooding as the pass, Frequent lightning will also be possible in parts to. Highest risk areas look to be mid Ulster, east Ulster. Better details on this will be known tomorrow when the HI res charts become available. Due to the risk Donegal Weather Channel has issued 3 weather warnings which can be accessed below by clicking the tab. Note that these warnings are subject to change tomorrow when details are a little better and some area may be removed from the warning zone.

Elsewhere across Ireland on Friday there will also be further heavy  showers over parts of Munster and Connacht with western coastal areas possibly holding dry over the day.

Saturday will be another warm day with temperatures at max 20C to 21C across the west and northwest and between 16C to 19C elsewhere. There will be a good bit of drier weather around Ireland on Saturday  with some hazy sunshine but some cloud too. Later in the afternoon showers are likely to develop over Connacht ,Mid Ulster and western Munster some of these containing thunder. 

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Sunday will be warm and humid across Ireland with a mixture of sunshine and cloud, Sunshine will be generally hazy. Over the afternoon a few heavy thundery showers could develop across Munster with the slight risk of a light showers over the northwest later in the afternoon but this not doing much harm. Temperature on Sunday will range between 18C to 23C again warmest in the west and northwest.

The outlook for Bank holiday Monday is a decent one. At present it is looking warm, humid and sunny across Ireland with temperatures between 19C to 24C possibly even as high as 25C across the west and northwest over the day. A few thundery showers will be possible again over West Munster and south Connacht over the evening.

Due to the uncertainty to Fridays forecast regrading the thunderstorm risk further details and possible downgrades are possible. I will update the warnings around 12 midday Thursday.