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This is just a short quick update on the long range forecast going into the first week of June and even looking at things at the moment possibly into the second week of june.

The long range forecast has this warmer spell of weather lasting into the second week of June on the latest model runs over night and today with temperatures remaining in the low 20s to high teens in parts across Ireland.

At present looking at the GFS it has high pressure in charge over Ireland for another 10 days or possibly even longer. The jet stream is well north at present and there is no indication of it dropping back south anytime soon.

The ECMWF also signals for high pressure to stay in charge with good warm weather forecast for Ireland into the start of June.

Over the second week of June anything could happen but the signal is for warmer air to stick around, temperatures at present look like the will be at around 20C to 22C going into that second week with lows of around 16C to 19C. Like any spell of weather it has to break down sometime and this is what I am keeping a eye out for at the moment.

At present there is no clear signs of this weather been broke down on the longer range models which is a good sign but I will continue to keep a eye on this over the coming week and update again on any changes.

Later this evening I will have a another much more detailed update on this Bank holiday weekend.