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Signs of a dry and warm May bank holiday weekend

With the May Bank holiday now over a week away the big question for that weekend is what the weather it looking like. Well the current models have higher pressure sitting over the country leading the rather dry weather with Sunny spells also at times.

Temperatures over that weekend at present look set to rise into the high teens around Friday into Monday with temperature averaging around 15C to 19C. At present rainfall amounts for over the bank holiday weekend look rather low.

The main rain feature over next week will be Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday where a spell of rain will move in of the Atlantic turning heavy in some parts before clearing eastwards around midday Wednesday.

Beyond the Monday Bank holiday at the start of May at present models show drier weather sticking around as high pressure continues to dominate.

Meanwhile over this weekend temperature will remain on the cool side at around 9C to 14C. Over the afternoon hours today and on Sunday there will the risk of heavy thundery showers developing in some parts of the country with these just about possible to pop up anywhere across Ireland. There will be some good sunshine around over this weekend to anywhere that does manage to dodge the showers. Night time temperature will fall back on Saturday night, Sunday night and Monday night to around -1C to 3C across the country with the coldest temperatures in northern parts.