Over the end of this week and weekend temperatures over night will dip to around -1C to 4C with a frost in places. The reason for this is a area of low pressure to the southeast of England which will allow a east to northeast wind blowing that cool air around the low pressure. Temperatures for the end of April and the start of May are cooler than average at present. Much of Western Europe is also cooler than average for the time of year the UK, Spain, Portugal, France Belgium, Holland and Ireland. Any warmer air at the moment is been pushed back down into the southeast of Europe.

The end of April into May precipitation (rainfall) is looking around average for the time of year for Ireland and just below average for northern parts meaning drier than average conditions.

Conditions for the start of next week look set to remain on the cool side with temperature just below normal averaging around 10C to 14C by day.

The start of May into the second week of may there weather at present looks set to stay on the cool side with temperatures around average or just below with showery weather and some sun shine too at times.

If you where to ask me now is there any real warm weather on the way over the month of May I would say no going by some of the models and Anomalies charts. The weather might start to warm up a little near the end of month but details are unclear yet to look that far ahead.

To get frost at the end of April and the start of May is not a rare thing but it is not something you would see very often.

Just last week Ireland seen its hottest day since October 2017 when temperatures at Malin Head, Co.Donegal on Wednesday the 18th of April reached 20.0C at the met Eireann’s weather station, This was matched on the same day in the Phoenix Park Dublin on the same day where a temperature of 20.0C was recorded.  

The weather over the weekend does not look to bad with plenty of Sunshine around for the northwest on Saturday and Sunday. Temperature will range between 9C to 12C.

Monday also looks like another nice day with good sunny spells around before rain moves in on Tuesday.

Kenneth McDonagh