Jest stream moves back south over Ireland and the UK

Jest stream moves back south over Ireland and the UK

It will turn more unsettled over the week with wet and windy weather moving in off the Atlantic Wednesday with showers continuing over the rest of the week.

On Wednesday a weather front will move in on Wednesday morning to western areas and then spreading to all areas by Wednesday evening with heavy pulse of rain to parts. Highest rain amounts will be over the west and northwest of Ireland with up to 15mm to 30mm expected. Elsewhere there will be between 5mm to 15mm of rainfall.

Wenesdays weather front will clear all areas by late Thursday morning with few showers then around on Thursday and Friday.

On Friday night and Saturday morning another weather front is expected to move in off the Atlantic spreading from the west moving eastwards across Ireland. heaviest of the rain will be over Ulster, North Connacht and North Leinster.

At present Sunday and Monday looks set to be showery days but some good dry spells today on both days. 

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Temperatures over the next 7 days look set to be average in Ireland elsewhere . Temperatures will be in the mid teens to high-teens over the next 7 days.

As a weather front and a area of low pressure moves in of the Atlantic on Wednesday afternoon and clears Thursday morning it will be accompanied by strong winds gusting up to 50km/hr to 90km/hr strongest winds will along Atlantic coastal county where wind may reach gale force.

Over the next 7 days sunshine will below average across Ireland. There will be a fair bit of cloud in parts most days but some sunny spells will break through too at times.