Azores high may build over Ireland next week

Azores high may build over Ireland next week

With a wet and windy few days coming up starting Wednesday and remaining unsettled into this weekend it does look like it may just be a brief unsettled spell in the weather across Ireland and the UK when a two weather fronts will sweep over the country on Wednesday and then again on Friday night into Saturday.

Early next week there are signs from the Gfs weather model that high pressure will build from the Azores which would mean the jet stream would be pushed back north allowing warmer and sunny weather to return across Ireland.

The gfs allows hints on the extended range runs that this would remain in place over the following weekend and possibly into the end of the month. 

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The Ecmwf model also is hinting that high pressure may move up towards Ireland too from the Azores after midweek next week but for now I would like to see more runs on both models for this to be the actual case. At present the signs are good but nothing is set in stone yet.

Temperature wise we would see temperatures rise back up into the low twenties in places if high pressure does manage to build from the Azores.

When you get a Azores high over Ireland and the UK it brings warm weather but not the warmest, the warmest spell of weather you can get is from a Tropical Continental air mass

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A Tropical maritime air mass comes from the warm waters of the Atlantic Ocean between the Azores and Bermuda. The wind direction normally associated Tropical maritime is a south-westerly wind.

In winter this air mass will lead to Mild and damp weather with overcast skies and rain.

During summer this air mass leads to very warm and muggy weather. It also will give you good sunshine and warm temperatures.


A Tropical Continental air mass comes from the region of Africa and desert regions. The wind direction normally associated Tropical Continental is a south to south-east wind.

During summer this air mass leads to warmest weather and can lead to record breaking temperatures. It also will give you good sunshine, dry weather and hot temperatures. If you are looking for a real heat wave this air mass will give you that. It is the least common air mass to affect Ireland and the UK.



I will update on this in the coming days when details become a little clearer on the out come but for now you can go to bed with s little smile on your face tonight.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel