This week temperatures have got into the low 20s with the highest temperatures recorded in the west, southwest, northwest north and midlands over the week with a maximum of 23C bee the highest.

Over this weekend and into the start of next week temperatures are going to get much warmer and get as high as 24C to 25C across the west and north west especially from Sunday going into the Bank holiday week.

Not only will it be warm but mostly sunny over much of Ireland too over the coming 6 days. It will also become humid over the weekend and early next week which will trigger of very active thunder storms over Munster, Connacht and possibly west Ulster too next week.

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The souce of this warm and humid air which will arrive over the weekend is known as Continental air (Tropical Continental air)

A Continental air mass comes from the region of mainland Europe, Africa and desert regions. The wind direction normally associated Tropical Continental is a south to south-east wind.

During summer this air mass leads to warmest weather and can lead to record breaking temperatures. It also will give you good sunshine, dry weather and hot temperatures but evening thunderstorms. If you are looking for a real heat wave this air mass will give you that. It is the least common air mass to affect Ireland and the UK.

If we where to get this sort of airmass during the months of June, July or August you would be looking at temperatures getting up to the high 20s or low 30s.

Later this afternoon I will have another update on the Bank holiday weekend forecast so stay tuned.