Subtropical depression  Ernesto

Subtropical depression Ernesto

‪A subtropical depression has formed over the Atlantic Ocean this week and is expected to reach Ireland on Saturday night leading to heavy falls of thundery rain in places before clearing eastern areas on Sunday morning around dawn.

Subtropical depression Ernesto was named by the NOAA national Hurricane center. Storm Ernesto was named on Thursday.

Subtropical depression Ernesto will is currently moving northeastwards towards Ireland but as it does so it losses power as it moves from warmer water into colder waters. The Subtropical depression will today move northeastwards and get caught up in the jet stream moving it in the direction of Ireland and the UK. It will then be just a normal area of low pressure once it arrives on Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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As I mentioned above the real risk coming from this area of low pressure and ex tropical storm is the rainfall which looks as it will be heavy across Ireland & Scotland.

Heaviest rainfall at this moment across Ireland will be across Connacht and Ulster where there will be the risk of spot flooding on Saturday night and early Sunday morning along with the odd thundery outburst of rain.

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Rainfall amounts of between 15mm to 35mm will possible in on Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Rainfall and the area of low pressure will clear Ireland before midday Sunday with some bright and sunny spells developing along with dry weather.

Kenneth from the Donegal Weather Channel

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