Some of the flooding across Northern Ireland today around Down and Antrim

Some of the flooding across Northern Ireland today around Down and Antrim

Heavy rain and thunderstorms have caused flash floods and spot flooding today across Ulster with eastern Ulster the worst effected.

between 30mm to 60mm of rain have falling in some areas over the past 5 hours with more heavy rain at present still falling over east Ulster.

County Down and Antrim have been the worst effect with white echos showing on radar since early this morning with Thunder and lightning also showing on radar.

With the ground been so hard at the moment this mean rainfall will not absorb into the ground as quick as it would other times of the year which has lead to the flooding.

A number of homes and Businesses have also been flooded due to the heavy downpours.


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motorists are urged not to drive through deep flood water and to avoid flooded roads at all cause especially in and around Belfast.

Heavy rain will continue across eastern Ulster this afternoon with further Thunderstorms and flash Flooding before clearing later this evening to give a drier night.

The latest radar showing below shows white and red echos still on radar at present across the east of which indicates for heavy rainfall in the area of Antrim, Down and Armagh.



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